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Presentazione di “Anouk” – romanzo

Sabato 19 maggio 2018, Presentazione del mio romanzo “Anouk”. L’evento avverrà su Facebook e sarà pubblico.

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Domandarsi se



Domandarsi se

le sfumature contano,

se i dettagli si incidono a forza e rinforzano,

se le parole non dette non si dicono perchè non ci sono,

se le cose fatte sono amore senza voce, o se una carezza si può dare senza toccare.

Domandarsi se.


Wondering if the nuances count, if details carve themselves by force and reinforce, if unspoken words are said because they are not, if the done things are love unvoiced, or if a caress can be given without touching. Wondering if.

Buon Natale

The cottage hearth beams warm and bright,
The candles gaily glow;
The stars emit a kinder light
Above the drifted snow.

Down from the sky a magic steals
To glad the passing year,
And belfries sing with joyous peals,
For Christmastide is here!

*Buon Natale da

La lepre e il cerchio*


Freezing days




Freezing days


My church

A disadorned One

A lost bless

A shame

Winter knows

Where I am going to

The last time I saw

My mother was a long

Time ago

When she still cracked

Nuts with her teeth

When her smile was a

Diamond ring

Shining over me

And love seemed to argue

With our blood tie


Like a wool jumper on the

Naked skin

You lay 

I pray

Christmas doesn’t know

I feel bad

for the lack

Of fire in your eyes


Grace Paley: qualche verso,una traduzione



Somewhere between Greenfield and Holyoke
snow became rain
and a child passed through me
as a person moves through mist
as the moon moves through
a dense cloud at night
as though I were cloud or mist
a child passed through me


In qualche luogo fra Greenfield e Holyoke
la neve trasmutò in  pioggia
e un bambino mi passò attraverso
come una persona si sposta nella nebbia
come la luna che si muove trapassando
una densa nube la notte
come se io fossi nube o nebbia
un bambino mi passò attraverso

(Trad. F. Galetto)
Grace Paley – In the bus – from Begin Again Collected Poems – Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2000