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Canto d’amore – Love song

Lady of the Forest -LeRegarddesElfes

art@Lady of the Forest by *Le-Regard-des-Elfes





When the rain shouts

from the leaves beyond

the red hill

burning a breath

I yield

while the hidden side of me struggles

across the muddy field

singing old songs

Let the ancient dandelion clock in

Allow the sand of a far beach

to flow in your hand

Oh let me see the gaze

of my lover walking

on the rocky path of a dead moonlight

For we are One

tonight and forever

(the swan gently glides on the water like a feather)


Quando la pioggia grida

dalle foglie oltre

la collina rossa

bruciando un respiro


mentre il lato di me nascosto lotta

attraverso il campo fangoso

cantando vecchie canzoni

Lascia entrare l’antica testa del soffione

Permetti alla sabbia d’una spiaggia lontana

di scorrere nella tua mano

Oh mostrami lo sguardo

del mio amato che cammina

sul sentiero roccioso d’un chiaro di luna spento

Perchè noi siamo Uno

stanotte e per sempre

(il cigno lieve scivola sull’acqua come piuma)




Lizzie Riches

art@Lizzie Riches



I’m hidden inside of  you

and my orchard hangs there

where we don’t need to argue



I’m your lover forever (and ever)

now that you know that

the sky is nearer

and the joy grows

every day under my skin and my tongue

Linger baby, linger

hold me tight ‘till

I’m  melted

I’m outrageously gorgeous

and happy


‘cause I feel you need me

more than the air you breathe

Linger my love,

I’m so scared you leave

please, have faith in love

never be sad

never be sorry

Mind you,

keep some

rasperries for the sunny days

I belong to



Hush, linger now and forever

My orchard is brightly rich of myself

and fruits of our deep passion

Linger because I’m diamond


your cup of tea

(do you know you make me cry)

(do you know you make me die)

Linger, my sweetheart

the moon is here to stay

and the leaves never be aside

‘cause you’re my roof

my home

and flooding soul