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Cathy Cullis, una poesia


In this portrait of you

in the eighteenth century the painter has given

your hair a silk ribbon like an idle smile.

Back then you were

always a little to one side

of the frame, or walking

into woods, or talking to clouds.

You sometimes looked ready to sing.

You seldom felt yourself noble

and in the darkening days of autumn

you lay in a field of leaves and sighed.



In questo tuo ritratto

nel diciottesimo secolo il pittore ha dato

ai tuoi capelli un nastro di seta come un vuoto sorriso.

A quei tempi tu stavi

sempre un po’ su un lato

della cornice, o camminando

nel bosco, o parlando alle nuvole.

Qualche volta sembravi pronto a cantare.

Di rado ti sentivi nobile

e nei giorni cupi d’autunno

stavi sdraiato in un campo di foglie e sospiravi.


Cathy Cullis

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Handstitched by Cathy Cullis
Handstitched by Cathy Cullis



like pinholes of
colour at the edges
of a medieval painting

they stray from their
own hearts
softly obeying the sun

in muted sighs of green
quietly trespassing
knowing only roots
and sky

Cathy Cullis

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